Kitchen 5 Different Shape Stainless Steel Fried Egg Molds
Kitchen 5 Different Shape Stainless Steel Fried Egg Molds

Kitchen 5 Different Shape Stainless Steel Fried Egg Molds

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  • Safety material:These fried egg ring using food grade stainless steel which is more healthier than other material like Silicone material.
  • Easy to use:Do you want to make perfect fried eggs, nice pancakes like a professional chef? These egg molds are awesome cooking utensils for you and your family.
  • More interesting:enjoy a colorful breakfast ,Avoid boring.Special design for cooking eggs or pancakes for your lover as well as your family.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE & CONVENIENT STORAGE:Perfect for egg muffins, mini pancakes, small omelettes, poached eggs, burgers & more!Within Anti-hot & Rotatable Handle, more comfortable to grasp.
  • After-sale protection:WARRANTY AND 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE We are sure you will love this product. If you’re not 100% satisfied don ’t hesitate to contact us. We care that every single one of our customers are happy and are always looking to do better.



Product description


Perfect for side up eggs, scrambled eggs, egg whites, pancakes, crumpets, omelets and more


Step 1: Pour a little oil on the pan. Set egg mold down on the pan

Step 2: It will be a good idea to rub the mold edge with butter or edible oil

Step 3: Crack the egg right in the center of the mold. Make sure your pan and the mold being heated before adding eggs

Step 4: Enjoy your delicate breakfast with the ones you loved

Warm Notice:

1.Please grease the mold inside and outside with the oil brush before cooking to prevent the fried egg stuck on the mold.

2.You'd better to press the handle of the mold for a while when you pouring the egg into moulds to prevent egg leak out from the side.



Material: Stainless steel

Color: Silver

Heart Shape: 10.5*8.5*1.5cm/3.94*3.34*0.59in

Star Shape: 10*8.5*1.5cm/4.12*3.34*0.59

Round Shape: 10.8*8.5*1.5cm/3.94*3.34*0.59in

Flower Shape: 10.5*8*1.5cm/4.13*3.15*0.59in

Micky Mouse Shape: 11*8.8*1.5CM/4.33*3.46*0.59

Weight: approximately 32 grams each.

Package Contents:

5 X PCS egg moulds